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The good thing is that after watching this beautiful moonlight I could just go back to sleep and wake up late in the morning. While starring at the moon I realized the different shapes it has on the surface, it had different colors and textures. I wish I would of had a telescope so I can see more detail on its surface.

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A huge amount of effort had been put into preparation with data, insights and campaign creative collected on to large floor to ceiling boards to set the scene and inspire. They had even converted a number of offices and spaces in to home environments (kitchen, living room, adult and child bedroom). The cherry on the pie was that after they shown some vox pops of consumers (diary studies around product consumption), a couple of the families actually came in and took questions from the workshop!.

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Other villages also respond to a village's ask for help by beating their k ulkuls in the appropriate fashion. The drums therefore function as both intra and inter-village communication. In true Balinese fashion, the costumes worn by the pecalang demonstrate a harmony of symbolism in terms of design and accessories.

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